Prachi Das

Human Behavior Investigator, Relationship Coach, Communication Trainer


My name is Prachi!

I'm on a mission to create lovely and loving people on this Earth. You deserve more connections, a deeply supportive community, soul nourishing deep love and relationships. My goal is simple: Help YOU manifest all of that and faster.

I was the invisible kid all through school. Painfully shy, and even when I spoke, I'd get interrupted or ignored. Relationships were hard for me and I turned workaholic to compensate for the emptiness.

Once I learned that it was possible to change all that about myself and become awesome at creating deeper connections and fulfilling relationships with people, I was in!

I found solutions from psychology as well as spirituality, and created what I now call the "Deep Love Formula" to help people unlearn their love philosophies and experience the magic of soul nourishing relationships

Because I believe that every human being has only one soul purpose: to live and love fully!


Prachi's Professional Bio

Prachi is a certified relationship coach and communication trainer. She shares simple behavioral changes and powerful communication strategies to improve personal as well as professional relationships, improving the overall experience of life. Trained under industry greats, Tony Robbins, Steve Chandler, and Vanessa Van Edwards, and under the spiritual guidance of Sadhguru, Prachi has combined psychology and spirituality to develop methods that deliver guaranteed results.

With over a decade of working in the field of communication, PR, and recruitment, Prachi brings her expertise in the area of communication skills and interpersonal skills in the corporate world to her coaching practice. She is also in the process of writing her first book on becoming fearless, drawing from her personal life experiences. Don't forget to grab her free relationship blueprint here.